Black History Month / African American Ideas

Black History Month / African American Ideas

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Black History Month / African American Ideas

Black History Month was established in 1926.  Although there is an international aspect to Black History month, it is mainly an American holiday.  In 1926, Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson and other African American and white scholars, launched “Negro History Week” so that Americans could reflect on the history and contributions of African Americans.  In the 1970s, the celebration of African American history was expanded to include the entire month of February.

Black History Month should not be confused with a national holiday for African countries.  African countries have their own national holidays at various times throughout the year.  For example, Kenya’s national holiday is on December 12th.

american angel paper craft

American Angel Paper Craft

(various skin tones to choose from)

preschoolers and up

dove crafts

Dove Crafts

preschool and kindergarten

A big thanks to Amelia for suggesting the Dove as a “universal” freedom and equality craft that can be used for a multitude of occasions.

kwanzaa crafts

Kwanzaa Crafts, Coloring and Recipes

black history month coloring pages

Martin Luther King Jr. Coloring Pages and Posters


Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

Martin Luther King Jr Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Martin Luther King Junior Online Jigsaw Puzzles

martin luther king

Martin Luther King Junior Toilet Paper Roll Craft

preschool and kindergarten

including the text to the “I have a dream” speech

unity wreath

Unity Wreath

Any Age can contribute


Viewer Contributions:

Cori sent in a suggestion for an “I Have a Dream” collage as well as some other suggestions for Black History Month.

A big thanks to Lisa for sending in some info on African-American inventors:

  • 1899 George Grant invented the golf tee
  • 1887 Alfred Cralle invented the ice cream scoop
  • 1882 Oscar Brown- horse shoes
  • J.L.Love invented the pencil sharpener
  • 1890 W.B.Purvis invented the cartridge for fountain pens
  • 1975 A.P.  Ashbourne- biscuit cutter (to make such round biscuits!)
  • 1923 Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light
  • Madame C.J.  Walker created hair products for black americans
  • J.A.Burr-lawn mower, 1899
  • Sarah Boone-1892, ironing board
  • P.B.Dowing-1891,mailbox
  • Isaac Johnson-1889, bicycle
  • J.M.Certain-1899, bicycle basket

And another big thanks to Theresa for sending in this info:

  • Rosa Parks was an important lady in the fight for freedom because black people had to give up their seats on the bus to white people and Rosa Parks did not.  She stayed on her seat and refused to come off.  She then got arrested and put into jail and that was when Martin Luther King Jr. started the Bus Boycot. Maybe you could do some crafts on Rosa Parks and maybe a bus theme???
  • Harriet Tubman was also important.  She was a while before Martin Luther King Jr. (I think) and she helped free some hundred black people from the plantations which held blacks enslaved – which was to her own personal risk and she had to travel lots and lots and lots.


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