Five Year Old Curriculum

“High 5”

The 5- year-olds represent the apex of learning potential at The Premier Child Care Centers. Every stage of learning in the preceding levels, laid the foundation to peak at this level. Students interchange the use of both upper and lower case alphabets as they learn to write simple sentences and read. Reading and math comprehension are the focus. They reach beyond reading readiness. They are ready and reading! Graduates from the “High 5” program test off the charts for the select-enrollment public/private schools. Life-long learners are created in the 5-year-old class. When they matriculate into the next level of learning, they are prepared, confident, and socially well rounded.
•  Review 4 year old curriculum @ start of the academic year
•  Primary colors + 5 (lavender, burgundy, magenta, lime, fuchsia etc.)
•  Hooked on phonics
•  Spelling days of the week
•  Spelling months of the year
•  Word blends and proper sentence structure
•  Sequencing
•  Categorization
•  Simple multiplication
•  Simple fractions
•  States of the union
•  US Presidents
•  Shapes (sphere, cylinder, obsolesce, cone, cube)
•  Reading readiness and math readiness workbooks
•  Imagine It Kindergarten Program

parent handbook