Four Year Old Curriculum

“4= More…Learning”

With knowledge being our most precious natural resource, the 4-year-olds expanse level of knowledge makes them one of our most precious age groups. Everything ramps up at this level: from spelling colors to creating new colors; from looking at picture books to reading words in the books: from simple alphabet sounds to word blends, from recognizing site word to forming those words into simple sentences. “How did I do that?” Four-year-olds ask themselves that every day as they learn to identify every dinosaur and their eating habits (carnivores or herbivores) and almost every form of marine life in our monthly themes. The globe is but a finger tip away as they learn the cultural mores and artifacts from 10 different nationalities around the globe. “Imagine It” (the pre-k program) at this level takes 4-year-olds to the pinnacle of learning and beyond…

•  Writing upper & lower case alphabets
•  Preschool math (single & double digit addition and subtraction)
•  Primary colors + 4
•  Writing & spelling primary colors
•  Site word reading, simple sentence building
•  Numbers 1 – 100 writing & reciting
•  Geometric shapes & sides
•  Writing & spelling first and last names
•  Four seasons
•  Vowel & consonant distinction

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