Three Year Old Curriculum

“Leave it to Me-3”

The world includes more than me at three. “There is so much more to discover at 3 than any would believe it to be,” is the premise our 3 year-old program was formed. Laying a firm foundation for learning allows 3 year-olds the ability to surprise themselves as well as their peers and parents. Our pre-school program, “Imagine It,” allows students to “imagine” what they want to do and proceed to actually watch their imaginations come to life. The print rich classroom comes alive through literacy and pictures that teach students how letters and sounds form words and how words define the world. The learning is endless at this stage. Students start to fine tune their environment as things begin to make sense. Putting a name to a shape (i.e., a stop sign is an octagon) gets things in total perspective.

•  Writing Upper Case letters A-Z
• Learning lower case letter
• Numbers 1-50
• Primary + 3 colors (English /Spanish)
• Geometric Shapes
• Days of the Week (recognition and spelling)
• Months of the Year (recognition and spelling)
• Writing first name, (upper case)
• Beginning phonics
• Beginning math

parent handbook