Two Year Old Curriculum

“Now I Can Do It 2”

Learning, like life, grows in steps. “Now I Can Do It 2” takes 2-year-olds into a whole new world of discovery. Children begin to master more and learn more. Through music, sensory, nature, art, blocks, drama, and self- help activities, two-year olds start to clarify and identify their place in world around them. Some parts of the day are structured. Other parts of the day are messy. It is guaranteed that at the end of each day, the combination of both structured and messy will equal fun and excitement. Through developmentally appropriate practices, children learn and master.
•  Numbers 1 – 10
•  Primary colors +2 (English/Spanish)
•  Basic & geometric shapes
•  Days of the week (English/Spanish)
•  Months of the year
•  Name recognition and simple spelling

parent handbook