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These educational jewels, located in Chicago, have serviced children and families for over thirty years. Parents and students alike marvel at the array of educational activities incorporated into the curriculum. Included in the curriculum are French, Japanese, Spanish, computer classes, etiquette classes and Pre-Fit (preschool gym). In addition to the seven interest areas contained in each classroom suite, a computer lab, library, cafeteria,indoor playground, on-site kitchens, and soft top outdoor playground, all add to the ambiance of the facilities.

Our dedicated, experienced and caring staff are committed to building a solid foundation upon which children can stand firmly as they grow into life-long learners. The index to learning begins at the preschool level. It is therefore, our mission to make the preschool experience a remarkable one. Students steer their way through the learning process with both self selected activities and direct teaching tools that are guided by instructors. Preschoolers are well prepared for the academic and social challenges they are faced with as they transition from preschool to grammar school.

Monthly field trips, along with various monthly academic and cultural themes, broaden our student’s learning horizons. In a ten month period, students are exposed to ten different cultures and the differences which make those cultures unique.

Our dietician prepares delicious home style meals that are both nutritionally enriched and lovingly prepared. Students practice family style eating while instructors impart proper manners and nutritional education during meal time.

The Premier Child Care Development Centers are distinctively committed to ensuring that the programs put in practice are on the cutting edge of early childhood development. Our programming professionals work diligently and are constantly seeking new ways to promote the best learning experience for each student in our care.


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